Monday, September 3, 2007

Smirnoff "Sea"

This is the new CGI masterpiece commercial for Smirnoff, created by JWT London. The first time I saw this advert I was amazed by the extraordinary visual experience and had to find out more about it. The special effects wizards behind the Harry Potter films were called upon to create this amazing TV ad in which war planes, coins, old statues and battleships are ejected by the sea. It expresses the effort that goes into Smirnoff's purification process by linkening it to the purification of the ocean, using the strapline "Extraordinary purification", promoting Smirnoff as the most pure vodka.

The advert is part of a £15m annual marketing budget. It was shot by Daniel Kleinman, the director responsible the opening credits for Casino Royale and a numerous other successful TV commericals. The special effects have been created by Framestore CFC, which created sequences for the Harry Potter films, X-Men: The Last Stand and for Guinness's spectacular evolution-backwards commercial "noitulove" I have previouosly posted on.

Smirnoff are aiming their latest publicity creations at young men. Digital agency AKQA have created an online game called "The Smirnoff Purifier", available at to complement the TV advert. It allows players to fire objects at a target from a "raised platform off the south coast of England".

In addition to the online game, Smirnoff have created an ambient promotional device to strengthen their brand values and hit home the extraordinary lengths they go to to purify their vodka.

This is an amazing, state-of-the-art water purification installation that has just appeared at the Rip Curl Board Masters Festival this summer, where it purified Newquay's sea water for adventurous festival goers to sample. The installation takes water directly from the sea, purifying it to make it clean enough to drink there and then. This clever device complements the new television commercial perfectly and has already filtered some of the world's most dirty water on an international tour. Dirty water flows through a three-stage purification process cleaning it to a high level and mimicking the trademark 'triple distilled' slogan of Smirnoff. It is then given a rigorous ten times filtration through Polish charcoal to remove invisible microscopic impurities and give the water a smooth, clean, pure finish for the public to enjoy. This is the same process used in the production of Smirnoff vodka.


M Hunt said...

The CGI might be whizzy but I find the idea of the sea cleansed of graves a distasteful idea. Families of trawler men, drowning victims...they may not be too happy either.

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