Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lord of the Rings - On Stage!

Go with an open heart, wide-open eyes and prepare for enchantment”
The Times

I had never been to the West End before and despite hearing marvellous things about their productions, my expectations weren't high when I went to see the Lord of the Rings at the Theatre Royal. I thought that a musical wouldnt be my 'thing'. This was partly true as I couldn't seem to get quite as involved in the singing and dancing as the man sat next to me, who was literally crying in ecstasy. However, it was a visual spectacle that was thoroughly enjoyable.

The Theatre Royal is a lovely building with an impressive history and a huge auditorium inside. As you enter, an impressive setup awaits with orchestral music that sets the scene for Middle Earth.
The Lord of the Rings takes you on a breathtaking journey of enchantment from start to finish. Among the highlights of the show were the dramatic lighting, precision choreography and stunning design. The special effects were second to none and completely unexpected as it is hard to believe they are possible on the stage, for instance, the apparent disappearance of Bilbo Baggins in Scene I. The costume design was particularly impressive and the way in which the stage transformed from one scene to the next, utilising various materials and cloth to great effect.

At a production cost of £25,000,000, it is the most expensive musical to date and sets a high standard for any production looking to better it.

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