Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Campana Brothers in the Garden

While visiting the V&A, some extraordinary structures caught my eye - not in a purposefully displayed exhibit, but in the John Madejski Garden. Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana transformed the garden with a unique installation exploring the use of bamboo, a material often featured in their work. The sticks of bamboo were hinged together in an extended teepee, snaking their way aound the garden which the viewer can interact with.

It is only since being to the museum that I have discovered that the interesting seat I sat on was part of the installation by the brothers. They are a new, outdoor edition of their ‘Vitoria Regia’ seats, specially designed to mark the V&A’s 150th anniversary.

They were inspired by the giant water lilies found in the Amazon and named in Queen Victoria’s honour. Their intriguing pattern is created by small pieces of coloured foam arranged in concentric circles. The look and texture of the seat drew me in like a bee to honey and was surprisingly comfortable.

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