Tuesday, September 4, 2007


These Adverts for Heinz were created by BS Dorland, London in 1991. I chose to show them in this blog as they made me think about the different contributing factors that have bearing on how successful a piece of advertising is. Firstly, they have taken advantage of the fact that Heinz Ketchup pours out of the bottle at a snail's pace and turned it into a charming feature rather than an annoying trait as it could be perceived. This throws a humorous twist on a characteristic that could otherwise put a customer off buying Heinz from a bottle.

Secondly, the style of these ads is particularly striking. They are created in a painterly kind of way, mimicking a still-life painting and making a feature out of the Heinz branding. This suggests a brand that has values such as loyalty, tradition, logevity and perfection.

As well as suggesting the brand values of Heinz and having a witty approach to the copy, these adverts also suggest that Heinz is a brand with a conscience that cares about its customers' health. This is strengthened by the copy on the Heinz Salad Cream ad that reads "The only time we use artificial colouring is when we print the label". As a campaign, these three ads work extremely well as each one offers a different value associated with Heinz that will heighten their customers' brand loyalty.

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