Friday, July 20, 2007

Grafik 150 Book

To celebrate the release of its 150th issue, Grafik Magazine produced a limitted edition book. It is a follow up to the 100 book in 2002.

It only seems necessary to include this book as a great source of inspiration, as inspiration is what the book is all about. 150 Graphic Designers share their personal response to what in
spires them and what has contributed towards influencing their work. The result is an eclectic array of products, places and imagery that gives us a small insight into how the designers' minds work. The most interesting discovery in this book, is that even the most acclaimed designers are human, as some may perceive them as being very secretive about where their ideas stem and maybe knowing something we don't. Grafik 150 book proves this to be wrong, as they take their inspiration from flocks of birds to architecure and from posters to price labels - day-to-day occurances that we all have access to. There are some unusual collections in this book and it opens up a new world of design. Most of the inspiration stems from years of fascination or from collecting unusual designs/objects, which Grafik 150 now gives us the opportunity to share.

The book's design is much the same as I have described in my post on Grafik Magazine, if not even more simplified. Inside, The left page is dedicated to copy and the right to an image portraying the designer's inspirational source. Avant Garde is used through out, maintaining that 'ultra-modern' feel associated with Grafik. The cover is text only on plain stock with a variation of colours as shown in the top image. The type is gold with a coated finish and wraps around the spine, making the word 'grafik' almost illegible. The book was disappointingly small when i got it, but fairly thick for its size. Their choice of the same grade paper as the magazine does not work well for this book as the cover has quickly become bent and the book mis-shapen. Grafik 150 has a fairly poor design in my opinion, but it makes up for it in its content.

This book is by no means a page turner and should probably be read a from time to time, giving the opportunity to learn something new and inspiring. When you have a spare half hour on your hands, it helps to reignite ideas and provides plenty of inspirational sources.

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